Terence Huijgen
Terence HuijgenCo-founder

The AI Navigator - April 2024

This month's AI Navigator is fully packed. We talk about Apple’s latest AI model, Neuralink's first brain implant, and many more topics. Oh, and we’ve added a new category: Read or podcast of the month, just to navigate you further into the AI space.

Let’s dive in!

🧠 Neuralink’s first patient plays chess using a brain implant

🗣️ Hume AI: The first AI with emotional intelligence

🧐 Claude 3 claims to be better than ChatGPT-4

🎥 Google's VLOGGER generates video avatars from Images

🤖 Apple's new AI model, MM1, can make Siri smarter

🔨 Heygen Avatar in Motion 1.0: AI Tool of the Month

🎧 Lex Fridman & Sam Altman: Podcast of the Month

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Terence Huijgen
Terence HuijgenCo-founder