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At Reversed, we design and develop native apps and web apps. Our ambition is to work with companies where we can make a significant impact. That's why we only work with (international) startups or established companies with new, innovative propositions. We believe in long-term collaborations and also invest in tech startups through our expertise.

Reversed is a place where you matter as an individual, where the development of your skills is important, and where making mistakes is part of the process. We aim to be a company where your ideas and opinions are valued, regardless of your role or position.

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Pushing boundaries

We create apps that bring joy to users. We go the extra mile in each project to refine the interface and enhance the user experience. We strive to improve the final product and constantly refine our process and collaboration among our teammates.

Freedom and responsibility

At Reversed, we prioritise the importance of trusting each other's expertise and allowing everyone the autonomy to perform their best work. Micro-management is not a part of our approach as we promote a culture of freedom and independence in our tasks.

No legacy!

Legacy is the enemy of innovation. That's why we embrace modern technologies like React, React Native, Next.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Prisma, and Cypress. However, we don't blindly follow every trend unless we are confident it will enhance our work. As a team, we are always seeking ways to improve and optimise our processes.

Projects we love

We continually seek out projects that ignite our passion for pushing boundaries. For this reason, we have made a deliberate choice to exclusively collaborate with startups and companies that offer innovative digital propositions. These organisations share our value for design and are enthusiastic about embracing innovation.

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