Terence Huijgen
Terence HuijgenCo-founder

The AI Navigator - March 2024

It was the month for generating videos with AI. Now you can generate audio, video, subtitles, and even sound effects. It feels like we are at a point where we could actually generate full marketing and educational videos with the use of AI.

A new month a new AI navigator:

📽️ OpenAI launches Sora AI

💬 AI is causing a decline in freelance jobs

🤖 Anthropic announced evidence the AIs have become self-aware

🕵️ OpenAI is competing with Google on search

🧠 Gemma, new LLM by Google

🎼 Adobe previews audio generation tools

🔨 Perplexity: AI tool of the month

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Terence Huijgen
Terence HuijgenCo-founder