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How do you acquire your first 1000 users?

How do you acquire your first 1000 users? Lenny Rachitsky, (famous startup podcaster & angel investor) goes in-depth about this topic in his latest newsletter.

Why should you read it?

If you're about to launch your first digital service or if you already have a product but you want to find strategies to attract your first customers.

Summary of the article

He talks about 7 reliable ways to find your first customers:

You don't have to try out every strategy at the same time, but he sees it as a menu where you try one method, and if it doesn't work, you continue with a different method. Almost every startup finds the early growth from just one or two channels.

In the article, Lenny refers to multiple startups (Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, Airbnb & others) and gives examples of strategies that were successful in their growth journey.

After reading this article, you have a good overview of successful channels and have inspiration to pick out one of the channels and try it out for your own digital business.

Read the full article here to attract your first 1000 users.

Terence Huijgen
Terence HuijgenCo-founder