How much does an app cost?

What will an app cost? That's probably your biggest question before you want to build an app. Since every app is different, you can't assign a single price to an app. Moreover, building an app isn't a one-time thing but something you'll continue to work on over the years.

In this article, we give you price examples of the costs for a digital product. Get critical insights into cost factors for your next app in our ebook →

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6 Crucial insights for hiring the right agency

An app is never finished

An app is an integral part of your business. Like other aspects of your business, you always keep improving it. For instance, a marketing employee doesn't have one fixed price but has a yearly budget to improve the marketing outcome. This works the same for your digital service. If you want to improve your service continuously, you'll keep working on it. You're trying to improve your solution for your customers.

Improving your service is not only about building functionalities but also about reaching your business goals. Think about increasing conversion rates, boosting the number of daily active users, or reducing churn. Such tasks have a yearly budget and not a total price.

6 Crucial insights for hiring the right agency to build your next app

Price Examples

Here are a few examples of the costs for an app when you have it developed externally. In the examples, we don't include the costs incurred by your employees. Costs are highly dependent on how you are as a business. Is your company fast in decision-making? Are you outsourcing everything or only a part of an app? And keep in mind that you're continuously improving your service, so your app will keep evolving.

Get more insights about pricing factors in our ebook →

These price examples are for the first version of your app. Remember that once you start generating revenue with your app, more budget will be available, and you can gradually increase your budget to continuously improve your app.


You want an app with one functionality. The app might be some work to build, but it is technically not super complex. You can build an MVP for this budget, but the price increases when you continue to develop more features. Perfect for creating a small and lean app to validate with your target audience.

Cost: €40,000 - €80,000


You should get a fully functional application for your business. You can build an app where users can subscribe or purchase a product with a payment solution. This budget is perfect for releasing + improving your MVP, and building multiple features.

Cost: €80,000 - €150,000


You want to build a complete platform and continuously add and improve functionalities. The app is an essential part of your business or service. This budget is perfect when you're building a more complex and, thus, larger customer solution.

With this budget, it is still highly recommended to work in small steps by launching an MVP → first. Get your app into the hands of your users as soon as possible. This keeps the risk as low as possible and helps you get control over your spending.

Cost: €150,000+

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