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If you are looking for an agency in Utrecht to have a mobile app built then Reversed Digital can help you. Located in the heart of Utrecht at Daalsesingel 51, we develop well-designed mobile apps and web applications.

We are designers and developers and strive to make every app a Maximum Lovable Product. With a Maximum Lovable Product we go a step further than a Minimal Viable Product. We believe that an app should not only be functional, but also provide a good user experience to get real appreciation from your users. A good user experience gives users a reason to return more often, thereby increasing loyalty and generating more revenue.

We build iOS apps and Android apps with React Native. The big advantage of React Native over traditional programming languages is that you only have to write code once for both iOS and Android. The code is converted to native code, ensuring a robust and fast app. This saves a lot of time and costs.

For Frank Energie, for example, we developed a mobile app where customers can gain insight into their energy consumption and take smart action to reduce their consumption. We are also continuously developing the website and back office. From the beginning, the system was set up to be as scalable as possible. Currently, more than a million data entries per day are processed effortlessly.

Although our headquarters are located in Utrecht, we are an internationally oriented team. We work for both local and international companies. We focus on startups with funding and established companies with a (new) digital proposition that need a mobile app or web application.

If you have a question about developing a mobile app or web app, send us a message!

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