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Viesus is a fully automatic AI image enhancement algorithm, used on tens of millions of images each day. Its software was originally built for industrial printers. As a part of its renewed online strategy, Viesus wanted to improve its digital presence and build a SaaS solution for its algorithm.

They partnered with Reversed Digital to build a fully-fledged SaaS product to expand their customer base and automate their business.

Servi Pieters
Servi Pieters

Viesus Cloud

Viesus is about unattended automatic image enhancement. The features of the Viesus algorithm are made available in an easy-to-use interface and through an API. Viesus Cloud uses subscriptions and a credit system to charge users based on the type of enhancement. 

Users can easily automate their work using workflows the web app, or use the API to integrate it into their own digital service. The editor allows for easy configuration of the enhancement to use for the automation.

Built for tomorrow

The biggest technical challenge was how to make the Viesus algorithm (which requires both CPU and GPU processing power) available on the web in a scalable way. To meet these requirements we used the powerful CPU and GPU servers of Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services for the enhancements of the images. This architecture enabled the Viesus web application to enhance photos with speeds of 10 megapixels per second.

The front-end runs as a super fast React single-page application. This way the user only has to load the application once, without any further loading times within the app.

Website 2.0

With a new proposition comes a new website. Viesus decided it was time for a new marketing site that could be launched parallel to the web-app. The question was: how do you ‘show-off’ your algorithm in a compelling and interactive way? We came up with a simple yet elegant way of making the intangible algorithm more tangible, without having to explain too much tot the user.

Partnering up for the future

At Reversed Digital we value long lasting partnerships and collaborations where all involved parties learn, grow and enjoy working together. We believe that that’s how you create an environment where great results can be achieved.

Viesus is living proof of this way of working. Through a continuous sprint cycle we continue to improve and validate new features and ideas.

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