Ultimate flexibility in jewellery




Why settle for a single piece?

Choices by DL is the brainchild of Debora Huisman-Leeser, 4th generation in a line of GASSAN diamond dealers and jewelers. She asked herself a question: why do we have to settle for a single piece of jewelry? From this thought sprang the now well-known concept of Choices by DL: customizable jewelry with endless possibilities.

We teamed up with the Choices by DL team to bring this concept to life in the digital age.

Tom Huisman
Tom Huisman

A webshop that supports composing jewellery

During several workshops, we mapped out the opportunity area’s, defined the scope, worked out customer journeys and ideated on possible solutions. The entire process lead us to the conclusion that to harvest the benefits of a jewelry configurator, a new webshop was needed.

Shop the look

Today’s “try before you buy” mindset is changing the way how people shop online. People want to be certain that they’re buying the right item.The “shop the look” concept triggered a major positive response during our initial prototype tests. This is why it evolved into one of the key components of the webshop.

Choose, configure and experience

Professional photography combined with the latest web technology enabled us to build the Choices by DL Mix & Match concept. Using the configurator, you could make over four hundred thousand combinations and put together a unique ring as soon as it went live.

From physical to digital

During our observations in the physical store, we took note on how sales representatives upsell extra gemstones at checkout. We replicated this physical experience to the digital world by giving users the possibility to easily add stones to their configurations.


Given that half of visitors visit the webshop from their phones, we made sure the experience was optimised for each device.

The development of the Choices by DL webshop led us to also take on the entire GASSAN.com webshop and continue to actively develop it.

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