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A new high-performance shopping experience

The luxurious GASSAN brand stands for high-end watches, jewelry and diamonds. Being a family owned business at heart, GASSAN has 14 physical stores and has excelled in their craftsmanship, quality and reliability for more than 75 years.

To improve on their online experience, and to strengthen their brand in the market, GASSAN partnered with Reversed Digital to deliver a new high performance shopping experience to bring these qualities into the digital age.

Tom Huisman
Tom Huisman

Designed for todays' and tomorrows' users

Next to the complete upgrade of the website foundation, we completely redesigned the GASSAN online customer experience. This meant fresh new colours, fonts, interactions and layouts that use screen real-estate to its fullest.

Design system Gassan

Unlocking speed with React Next.JS

To build a future-proof shopping experience we completely renewed GASSAN's e-commerce back-end, front-end and testing architecture. Built on the React Next.JS Framework, the new website serves static-pages in a one-page application. Resulting in fast page loads, low latency and a smooth browsing experience for the customer.

Change, preview, deploy

As part of the new architecture, Kentico Kontent Headless CMS was integrated and tailored to the needs and wishes of GASSAN's online department. Content can now be easily created and formatted through pre-built content elements ranging from image sliders, product blocks, text elements and more. Whenever changes are published a new version of the website is deployed for optimal version control.

Tailormade orderflow

A key factor in reaching your conversion goals is getting the checkout right. The new checkout is based on trialed and tested best practices in terms of usability and conversion. It integrates with GASSAN's own stock-keeping system, Adyen as the main payment service provider and DHL's MyParcel carrier service. When a consumer creates a new order, the order is logged and tracked and fulfilled in the custom GASSAN order system (which we also built).

Partnership for future opportunities

As a result of this project GASSAN partnered with Reversed Digital as their primary digital agency for the long run. Together we are on the lookout for future e-commerce opportunities to come and drive online growth.

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