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Elite athletes have a big social media reach. Being able to reach thousands, their potential influence creates immense value for teams and brands.

Yet, 'managing' social media isn't as easy as posting the right thing at the right time. Sports Marketing Agency Yellow Jersey’ uncovered that almost all sports teams in the Netherlands struggle with fully utilizing the reach of their athletes when it comes to social media.

Jurian Vos
Jurian Vos
Early interviews and workshops done with athletes and managers.
Early interviews and workshops done with athletes and managers.
Early interviews and workshops done with athletes and managers.

Bridging the gap between manager and athlete

One challenge we identified is the distribution of social content to athletes through channels such as WhatsApp, email, and Facebook Messenger, none of which are ideal or sustainable solutions.

Together with Sports Marketing Agency Jellow Jersey and Prepr CMS, we set out on a venture to bridge the gap between manager and influencer. First, we took on the challenge to create a delightful experience for the athlete.

Receive, review and post

Instead of having to copy and paste social content whilst switching between apps, Fuse enables athletes to receive, edit and post content in one app with minimal effort.

The social media manager simply provides content and context which is then pushed to the athletes' inbox, from where it takes only two clicks to post.

Centralized media library

With the central media library, everyone on the content team can add and organise photos and videos. This way, you have all the content in one central place and can easily create new posts from it.

Built in React Native

Fuse's native app is developed in React Native and communicates with Prepr's Headless CMS. With React Native, we only have to write code once for both iOS and Android and the app works smoothly and quickly on both platforms.

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