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Xpozer is a company that offers a unique solution for printing and displaying photos on walls. Previously focused on serving prosumers, they wanted to enter the consumer market. To do this, they needed a more user-friendly configurator for their web application. We helped them by building and launching the first version of this new configurator within two months.

Clemens van Os
Clemens van Os

From zero to MLP

Xpozer was eager to launch quickly to be prepared for the winter holiday season. To do this, we scoped the functionality of the product and created a small first version that we could go live with. Although our top priority was to create an outstanding user experience, we minimised the functionality of our product to achieve this goal. We call this approach a Maximum Lovable Product.

To enhance the user experience, we added dynamic preview images that show the customer the size of the print they are purchasing. Additionally, we made the configurator lightning fast and added meaningful animations to make the whole process smooth and enjoyable. These features ensure that customers have a great experience using Xpozer.

Mobile first

Most customers have their photos on their phones, so it was crucial for us to make ordering a print as easy as possible. To do this, we built the configurator from the ground up for mobile devices. We used a single page application in React, which allowed us to create a configurator that is incredibly fast and responsive. With no loading times between steps or checkout, it feels like a native mobile app.


With a tight deadline, we managed to launch the first version of their consumer configurator within two months. Check it out at

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