UX design

Reversed Digital develops mobile apps and web applications. Our team consists of UX designers, visual designers and developers. We are specialists in building user-friendly applications.

UX design (user experience design) plays a vital role in our projects. By talking to customers before you come up with a solution, you create apps that are much better suited to the needs of your users.

Our designers and developers work closely together to fine-tune the interface of our apps and web apps. As a result, nothing is ever thrown over the fence. With well-designed screens, there is less noise between design and development, allowing us to build apps efficiently. This saves time and money.

We test at an early stage. We start with a design sprint in which we talk with users to discover the user needs and pain points and translate these into solutions. We then test the solutions in the form of a clickable prototype. The purpose of these user tests is to see if the solution matches the wishes of your users.

It doesn't stop there. You won't get the best feedback until your product is live. That's why we build an initial testable version that provides enough value for your target audience as soon as possible. Many agencies go for a Minimum Viable Product, but we go a step further. We believe that an excellent user experience should never be missing. A satisfied user is more loyal and will also generate more sales for your company in the long run. Therefore, with our focus on design, we always strive for a Maximum Lovable Product.

As Reversed Digital, we like to work with our clients and not for our clients. Therefore, at the beginning of the project, we put together a joint team. We operate as one team through workshops, standups, refinements, and demos and can quickly adjust when necessary.

Do you want to know more about our UX approach or what we can do for you? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Reversed Digital can help you with:

  • Accelerate development of your mobile app or web application.
  • Building a first version of an app within a short period of time.
  • Translating the needs of your customers and turning them into a concrete solution.
  • A realistic cost estimate for your new app.
  • Strategic session to think out the scope of the first version.
  • Development of a complex, robust and fast back-end (API) and links to other systems and services via APIs.


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