Apps for mid-sized companies

We support medium-sized companies with innovation processes, setting up new services and often act as a long-term technology partner. Our expertise lies in building new digital services and mobile apps to complement existing services. We use our experience with startups to build high-quality applications at high speed and validate them with the target audience.

Innovation processes and new business propositions

To determine if there is enough demand for your new service, it is essential to find out the needs and expectations of your target audience as soon as possible. That is why we are launching the first version of your service as quickly as possible so that you can test it with (potential) users.

Before your new product is validated, it might be too risky to build an entire development team. That's why we can help you develop and validate the first version of your app or platform. After that, you can set up your team to develop further. Of course, it is also possible to continue developing in the long term with Reversed.

App as an extension of your service

If you have an existing platform and need an app in addition, you can have it developed by Reversed. Our apps are often directly linked to our customer's existing systems. However, it is also possible to build an entirely new back end. Developing an app requires different skills than building a platform, so outsourcing can be a good idea. At Reversed, we often work closely with in-house developers to make the app work seamlessly with your existing platform.

Maintaining knowledge within your organisation

We understand that if a digital solution, such as a mobile app or web application, is an essential part of your organisation, you would like to retain or build this expertise within your organisation. That is why our developers work closely with your internal team and we can gradually transfer all knowledge. There is usually a transition period during which the internal team takes over more and more tasks.

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