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Do you want to have an app built by a developer in Amsterdam? Then Reversed Digital can help you. We develop custom mobile apps and web applications for our clients in Amsterdam.

Together with Amsterdam based companies like Gassan, Schiphol and Frank Energie we develop apps that are not only functional but also have an excellent user experience. We call these Maximum Lovable Products. A good User Experience is not just about a beautiful design, but also about the reliability and speed of the app. User-friendly apps create more loyal users, which ultimately results in more revenue.

Our mobile apps are built in React Native. React Native is very popular, partly because the code is converted into native code, which makes for robust and fast apps. Another big advantage is that you only have to write code once for Android and iOS. This saves a lot of development time and money.

For example, we are building Frank Energie's mobile app in React Native. In it, users can sign up, see their usage and view future energy prices. We also built the Woolsocks and Financial Lease apps in React Native.

Do you have a question about developing a mobile app? We can help you with that.

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