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We are experts in developing custom-made web applications, such as SaaS platforms. These applications are crucial for the growth of your business, which is why we offer strategic support in making important decisions.

Our speciality is developing high-quality web applications that are both functional and offer an excellent user experience. To achieve this, we turn every web app into a Maximum Lovable Product, paying attention to the design as well as the speed and stability of the app. Making a web app maximum lovable makes users happy to come back and leads to more sales.

We developed the web app, mobile app, and underlying back-end systems for Frank Energie. For Viesus Cloud, we built a SaaS platform that enables customers in the printing industry to optimise photos.

Web apps we built

Viesus Cloud



New service or extension to your existing business

It is important to test whether your proposition works as soon as possible, whether you have a start-up or a new service for your existing business. That's why we help you launch a testable version as soon as possible to validate it as early as possible. We work with both start-ups and medium-sized companies looking to launch a new service or service. For start-ups Viesus and Woolsocks, we built (web) apps as entirely new services. For GASSAN Diamonds and FinancialLease.nl we built services as part of their running business.

Maintaining knowledge within your organisation

We understand that it is essential to keep knowledge about developing your web application within your organisation, but at the same time want to develop a new web app quickly. Reversed can kick-start your development process, delivering the first version quickly. After that, you can hire your own developers and we slowly transfer all knowledge to the internal team. This way, you can start immediately and, at the same time, safeguard knowledge within your organisation.

You can also choose to outsource the development of your business in the long term. That way, you can focus entirely on your business, while we focus on growing your online business.

Integration with external APIs

Integrating with external APIs and systems is no problem at all. We have extensive experience in linking to both client systems and other platforms. For example, at GASSAN Diamonds we integrate to the internal product management system, at FinancialLease.nl to SalesForce and at Viesus Cloud to the internal AI algorithm. We also use Headless CMSes for almost all projects to manage content.

The right technology

When developing a new service or service, it is crucial to choose the right technology. Reliability, scalability, speed and usability are the most important requirements that an application must meet. To make apps more scalable, reliable and fast, we use React, Next.js and Vercel for all our applications. It enables us to develop high-quality applications at a fast pace. Moreover, this ensures flexibility and we can quickly add functionalities.

Automated testing

To avoid as many bugs as possible, we use automated testing. We use specific software to test the application for certain functions and usage scenarios. Applying this software makes the testing process faster and more efficient than if you do it manually. It improves the quality of your web application and will increase user satisfaction.

Hosting & SLA

We host your web application at one of our reliable hosting parties. To ensure that your application keeps running stably, we have a Service Level Agreement where we keep our systems up-to-date and monitored. We are available 24/7 in case problems arise with any of the applications. The hosting, combined with the React framework, ensures that our applications automatically scale up when large numbers of users suddenly hit the application simultaneously.

Cost of creating a web app

The cost of a web application can vary enormously and depends heavily on the specific requirements. In all cases, we aim to keep the scope of the first version as small as possible, so that you can test directly with real users. Launching a smaller first version allows you to make quick adjustments and helps keep costs as low as possible. If you want to get an estimate of the costs for your app, feel free to contact us. We can look at the specifications together and estimate the costs.

Would you like to have a new web application developed or translate an existing service into a web application? If so, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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